Luna #1: Rising Water

Catalog number: 2014-0001

DESCRIPTION: "Rising Water" is a contemplative work that grew out of the destruction of my home studio earlier this year (2014) in a flash flood. Much was saved, but much was lost, including valuable creative time and peace of mind. Images in the work include counting, graphs, rotation, and diverted course. On one level these images call to mind maps, hydrography, and analysis—the tools one might use to make dispassionate sense of a natural disaster. These same images also speak to more abstract concepts of time and disruption. And the red shape? Home and hearth, or anger and frustration; perhaps a bit of both.

SIZE: 31 w X 68 h (inches)

MATERIALS: Acrylic felt batting, Cotton broadcloth

MEDIA: Fabric paint, Fiber reactive dye, Water soluble media

TECHNIQUES: Direct application of dye/paint, Discharge (thiox), Drawing, Stitching (machine piecing), Stitching (machine quilting), Stitching (raw edge applique)


8/10/2014, Completed