Untitled (Shadow Series #2)

Catalog number: 2016-0002

DESCRIPTION: This untitled work is the second piece in a series exploring shadows. I find that frequently the shadow of an object can offer new insight into the nature of the object's form and can take on an identity of its own as it inherits texture and color from the surface on which it falls.

In the construction of this piece I used a collage-like, raw edge piecing approach. By sewing directly to a stack of batting and backing I was able to capture the look and spontaneity that I typically only achieve through cut paper collage.

SIZE: 34 w X 41.5 h (inches)

MATERIALS: Cotton flannel batting, Cotton broadcloth

MEDIA: Fiber reactive dye

TECHNIQUES: Stitching (machine piecing), Stitching (machine quilting)


7/23/2016, Completed