A busy start to the new year

Our trip to Rehoboth Beach to celebrate the New Year marked the end of a full week of travel. It was a very pleasant visit with friends and we really couldn't ask for a better way to start the year. Now, after being back at work for a week Dan and I are both pooped.

Last Friday he had Lasik eye surgery on both of his eyes. It's pretty amazing. He went from just about legally blind without his glasses to about 20/40 after a week of recovery. He just got temporary glasses today and can finally see well enough to drive for the first time in a week.

Last weekend I managed to squeeze in a few minutes to revisit the last piece of fabric on which I was working. On December 29th it looked like this on the print table.

After steaming and washing it became what you see below, which is nice but weak by comparison.

Last Saturday it became this. Considerably better and much more complex, but now I think it's on the verge of having value problems. I've overcome the problem with what I considered to be weak colors, but in the process I've lost the highlights. I feel as though it needs another layer, which might be embellishment or applique, but possibly some discharge. For now it needs to rest for a while.

I suppose I could use a rest as well. I'm meeting with my spiritual director tomorrow morning. That's always a good thing. I can't explain exactly why. I don't know if she understands everything about me (though she's one of those folks who always seems to know more than you think), but she "gets" parts of me that some other people don't. It's refreshing and comforting to have a person in whom to confide my deepest spiritual uncertainty and my occasional sense of being lost and adrift. I feel as though things are on the move again. Something's afoot, if you will. I've just come through several months in which I've felt that not only did I not know where I was going, I wasn't even sure that I really wanted to know. Now I have a sense that the clouds are lifting. More about this in another post. For now it's bed time.

Before I end I must say thanks to Judy who bestowed upon me the honor of a "You Make My Day" award. It was very sweet and it make MY day (Thanks again Judy!). Check out her blog. She's an artist, a person of faith, an observer of life, and an avid blogger. I wish I could be that devoted to my blog.