...and now it's my turn

Everyone else is sick and now it's my turn. I'm not really miserable. It's more like that run-down, can't-think, feeling that things just aren't right. I can't stand this in between sort of thing where I can't really do anything but my mind's just active enough to want to do something.

The holiday entertaining goes into full swing starting at 7:30 tonight. We have engagements or plans of some sort just about straight through New Year's Day. Some of it will be time spent in New York with Dan's mom, brothers, and families, which will be very nice, but also a lot of stimulation for me right now when what I really need is down time. We're stopping over in Philadelphia for a couple days on the way home to be by ourselves and celebrate Dan's birthday.

I've got to hurry up and get well. There's lots to do and being sick isn't on the list!