Day of rest? I think not.

It's been a busy weekend. It's Sunday night and I'm basking in the warm and comforting realization that I don't have to go to work tomorrow morning. It's funny to be in my mid-40's and still experiencing that sinking Sunday-night-and-I-have-to-go-to-school-tomorrow feeling.

Dan and I are just back from dinner with my parents, sister, and nephews. It was a belated birthday dinner with the family for both of us. Mom did a good job of keeping secret from me that the surprise guests were my uncle (her brother), aunt, cousin and her daughter. I haven't seen them in over a year so it was a great surprise and a real treat. My cousin Erin was born when I was 18. My sister and I are her godparents. I remember her falling asleep on my chest when she was a tiny baby. Now she has a 3 1/2 year old daughter. How sobering is that? So not only am I old enough to be Erin's father, I suppose I'm old enough to be Graces grandfather. ...let's just not think about that.

I've been scrambling for a few days to get photos of my work taken and organized. I'm starting the year off with a bang by applying for membership in an art cloth group and by submitting for my first juried show. I don't know if I'm getting in over my head. I'm just going to forge ahead until someone tells me otherwise.

In taking these photos I've realized that I have some good cloth, but a small inventory of completed pieces. Of course that raises the question of what is complete and is cloth complete without becoming something else (the answer can be yes). I think I have the beginnings of a portfolio coming together. If I'm going to be honest though, I think it shows potential rather than great achievement. I'm very happy with that and can't realistically expect more at this stage. It's nice to have lots of room for improvement!

I'll try to post a few images over the next couple of days. For starters here, in it's absolutely final form (except for a label) is the piece that I have decided to title, "Teach us to pray". Hope you like it. The inspiration was a string of prayer flags that I saw hung between trees at a church retreat last fall.