Greetings from Ohio

After a 6+ hour drive through wind and rain, over one massive hill after another, I'm here in Pickerington, OH--about 15 miles east of Columbus. This week I'm spending 5 days at the Nancy Crow Timber Frame Barn taking Kerr Grabowski's class, "Merging Pattern & Content" (

Although class doesn't officially start until 9AM tomorrow, we had the option to go to the barn this afternoon to get our workspaces setup and meet the other students. There was a lovely dinner at 6, followed by a full round of introductions. I was surprised to hear how many people have been to the barn before and how many of my fellow classmates have taken classes before with Kerr. I think a number of folks are treating this as retreat time and not just learning time. I guess I am too. It's going to be great.