I survived

...but it wasn't pretty. Actually, the work was a huge success--all the servers successfully upgraded, more than 130 happy users, and no impact on the publishing schedule. Now, the upgrade team may be a different story. I think we're all pretty much wrung out and, quite frankly, fed up with management bureaucracy. It's kind of ironic that if you do your job well then a VP or Director will tell you it's because he/she rode your you-know-what beforehand. If we hadn't done the job as well as we did then we'd be getting miserably abused now. Either way there seems to be abuse; the only difference is before or after. I don't know. This is just more complaining. I've got a really bad case of bad attitude right now.

St. Martin will cure that. No, I'm not building a shrine in the back yard. (Off the top of my head I can't even recall who St. Martin was). What I mean is that Dan and I are going to the Caribbean for a week. Much needed, much appreciated, and much anticipated. Packing starts at the end of the week and we fly out early Sunday morning. We're staying in a smallish boutique resort east of Grand Case on the French side of the island. I'm going to laze in the sun, practice my so-so high school French, eat, shop, and try to ignore how painfully low the dollar is against the euro.

St. Martin is about 200 km ESE of St. Thomas. The weather should be delightful this time of year. I don't know if there'll be another posting between now and the trip. If not, you can at least expect vacation pictures when we return!