Is this finished?

Following up on July 16 post about about the batik piece that I began at PV. Here it is with some black detail added with thickened dye in a dental syringe (fiber artists use some weird tools).

Better? Definately--especially up close.

But is it done? My intention is to quilt this as a whole piece. Right now I think it has a problem with scale and focus. It's an interesting overall pattern, but when I look at it my eye has no place to land; nothing to contemplate. I'm thinking that my next step might be to take the pattern of the batiked circle, enlarge it, perhaps distort it a bid, and render it on the surface in a dark color. For example, I might paint the pattern into an empty screen with thickened dye then release it several times with clear alginate and let the pattern deconstruct. I invite your thoughts if you care to offer them.