Must post

My last post was on March 2. What a scandal. I still consider this blog to be active. It's just lethargic, that's all.

OK, really quick, I've got three photos to share. First, I was so proud to see "Seeds of Change" at the Laurel Art Guild show. It's been up most of the month of March and closes this weekend. The show was hung very nicely. There were a couple of other fiber pieces--all of us very different from each other. This is the first time I've seen my work in a show that included other media. It is interesting to see how very different fiber feels from everything else.

Second, I've been experimenting with flour paste resist. I love my soy wax but the wash out is kind of a mess (I know, I should be on my knees thanking God for soy wax instead of paraffin). So here's a piece in process. At this point it hasn't been washed out, but you can see where the flour resist is. It worked very well. I'll post an "after" pic soon.

And finally--brace yourself--I got it into my head that I needed to save torn scraps of cloth (selvages, etc.) and turn them into something. I decided to do some completely unstructured, uninhibited, and unorthodox crochet.

I started out just goofing around, but I think this might turn into something. Who knows? This might be turning into a piece that I could submit for the studio "Island" show.

And, ugh, speaking of the studio. It's almost time to reapply for my residency. My original award was for a little shy of one year. We need to reapply every year in an open competitive process. I went back and forth about whether to apply again. Now I'm committed. I really do want to stay. I feel like I've got more work to do in that space. Fingers crossed.