Not so recent work

The blog seems technically back on its feet and I'm working on a portfolio page. (I'm still thinking that my blog page might replace my website--much easier to maintain).
So, now that things are back in working order perhaps it would be good to talk about art a little bit. Here's a piece called "Vessel" that I finished a while back. It was accepted into the 41st Annual Laurel Art Guild Open Exhibition, which was hung for the month of March.

I'm very happy with the result from a color perspective. It seems to get good reactions from people who see it in person. My concern is that is yet another piece in a series of one-offs. How does this relate to anything else that I've done? that I look at it, it seems to have a stained glass quality (not necessarily a good thing), which relates to some liturgical work that I did a few years back.
In other, completely unrelated news, I've signed up for Carol Soderlund's workshop "Color Mixing for Dyers: Part II" at the Crow Barn in early May. This will be my 2nd class with Carol, my 3rd visit to the Barn, and a week of very hard work. I'm looking forward to both. One of the big focuses of this workshop is controlling value (light/dark) in thickened dye. I've got a good handle on hue from Part I, and I've been working successfully with thickened dye, but I don't have the predictive control over value that I would like to have. If Part II is anything like Part I, I'll be back in my studio by the end of May doing some really great stuff.