Pattern & Content: Day 2

Another good day--actually a better day. I spent a good bit of time today working on a large piece based on the design I worked up last night. Here are 3 in-process photos. I'm really happy with where this is going, but after looking at the photos I can see that there might be more work needed to pull the whole piece together. I need to get it up on the wall tomorrow.

Just before dinner we took a break from printing for a slide show of Kerr's work. Well, of course it was wonderful. I love the end product, but the process is equally engaging. I don't mean so much the mechanical stuff like, "What did you put on the screen?" and "Is that a mask or discharge?". What I mean is that it's amazing to hear someone talk about their work in terms of their vocabulary of marks and their family stories (such stories) and their life experience. She's able to dissect a finished piece an relate it to...well, to what seems like everything leading up to that moment. But, at the same time I get the impression that these images just emerge during the process of creating, rather than appearing on the cloth as part of a preconceived design that includes every detail.

I can really related to the mind-in-neutral creative process. In those moments when things seem to really be clicking for me, it's almost as if I'm not there or I'm just a spectator.

This class is making me think about my own vocabulary of marks. What are they? I keep coming back to the wonderful feeling of circles and curving shapes and gesture drawings. To me those kind of messy scratchy lines bring energy to a composition and are a joy to create. That's a very strong element for me right now--something to spend more time with tomorrow. But, that's tomorrow.

Ten hours yesterday and 12 today. It's bed time.