Rayna sighting

I attended my very first guild meeting this morning--Potomac Craftsmen Guild. I've never belonged to a guild before so I'm still in the easing-into-it phase, trying to figure out how I'll fit in. It seems like lots of knitters and weavers, but there are definitely quilters and dyers in the bunch. The special guest for today was Rayna Gillman herself.

Here we are together. I think it's the only picture I have of us together. At least she looks good. Me, well, I'm happy to have a picture of the two of us.

Rayna gave her "Oops" lecture about making art out of mistakes/accidents. It definitely fits with my mode of working. If I threw away everything I made that went awry then I would have very little to show for all of the time and effort. I think there's a great deal to be said for sticking with a difficult piece until you get it right. Though I have to admit that there does come a time when enough is enough, and it's better for a piece to go in the trash can than back into the dye pot.