Recent Internet appearances

I'm surprised (and I suppose sufficiently immodest) to report that I've received some delightful recent Internet "coverage". Thanks all around.

Kerr Grabowski used a picture of me from a workshop as part of her course description for the workshop that she's teaching in Spring 2009 at the Nancy Crow Timber Frame Barn. Kerr's a great teacher, Nancy is a gracious and generous host, and the Barn is a wonderful place to study. You should go to this place and take this class. I can't say that enough.

Susan Brubaker Knapp did an excellent post on her blog about the "Amazing Art Quilts" show in Staunton. She even included a photo of my piece. I was so thrilled to receive her e-mail letting me know. Check out the post on her very cool blog, Blue Moon River.

And finally, Rayna Gillman recently redesigned her website, Studio 78, and included a photo of me from her soy wax batik workshop at Peters Valley last summer. Rayna's another great teacher well worth seeking out. Check out the new book on her website as well. If you ever wanted to try creating your own cloth, but didn't know where or how to start, then buy this book. If you're already making your own cloth and want a creative boost, then buy this book. You get the idea.