Steam heat

The weather channel says that DC is suffering under searing heat. Here on the Cape it's all about rain, fog, and serious humidity. Yesterday was so-so, but today was absolute yuck. However, as I write this the clouds have broken, the humidity is improving, and there's hope for a fine day tomorrow. We're talking about going to the P'town to continue our walk, pick up some lunch, and head to the beach. Last night we went to the movies at Cape Cinema and saw "Becoming Jane," which is great if you're a Jane Austen fan. If you're not, it's still a nice story, but as biographies go, I think you lose something by not knowing the back story. In this case the back story is recognizing in the persons of her parents, sisters, relatives, and acquaintances the traits of the characters who people her novels. Now, as for the theater, it's very cool. It's an original single-screen theater that dates from the early 30's, complete with a beautiful art deco mural on the ceiling. The seats are individual arm chairs with upholstered seats. I thought they were very quaint until about 60 minutes into the film with my butt started really hurting. Oh well, I guess that's just part of getting old?