Super, over-the-top, great news

If you've been following my sporadic blog posts over the last several weeks, then you might recall a bit of hand wringing about photographing my work and trying very hard to prepare a submission for membership in a juried artist group. Well today, much to my shock and surprise, I received an e-mail informing me that I made in into the 25-member Art Cloth Network (! Nobody--and I really mean NOBODY--could possibly be more shocked than I am. I read the e-mail at work and almost had to leave for the rest of the day because I was just about silly afterward.

I'm little conflicted right now. I know that if I need my art to be validated in order to function as an artist, then I'm in for a seriously bumpy ride. However, at this stage in my development, a little validation goes a long way. What I got today feels like a lot of validation and a big step forward. I'm looking forward to connecting with the group through their online member space, then meeting many of them in person at their next meeting in New Jersey in September.

I have to give credit here to two people who I think helped make this all happen: a friend and mentor (whom I will allow to be anonymous in this instance unless she chooses to out herself) encouraged me to apply; and Dan supported and encouraged me. Thanks to both of you.

Wow! What a day.