Things continue to improve

More good news from Dad. He continues to improve. His speech and hand mobility are both much better. He had his first physical therapy appointment yesterday and saw his primary care physician. Both were very optimistic about his continued recovery. There's just so much here for which to be thankful.

This is a quick post because Dan and I are off for Pittsburgh in a few minutes. This afternoon we're going to see the big Nancy Crow exhibit at the Miller Gallery on the CMU campus. The rest of the plans are kind of loose. The Warhol museum is a must, and there are a couple of other nice museums (depending on how hot it is outside). There are also neighborhoods to explore, food to eat--all of the usual "vacation" things. Sunday on the way home we're stopping to see Frank Lloyd Wright's houses, Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob. We're both be Wright fans, have never seen either of these homes. The Crow exhibit and the Wright visits are the anchors for the trip.

Monday night I get to meet my fellow Artists in Residence from the community center. We're having a pot luck dinner and planning the group show for later in the year. Progress on the studio renovation continues. I'm still hoping that we hit the Aug 1 move-in date, but it's out of my hands at this point. This week I bought by business insurance (never thought I'd be doing that) and started thinking about studio furniture. Life continues to surprise me!