What's new?

Lately I've been missing blogging. I'm not certain that this "missing it" feeling will make me a more consistent poster, but you never know.

So, what IS new? As recently reported, I finished my Quake entries for the ArtCloth Network show and got them shipped off for review just before the deadline. A week after my dash to the post office I was delighted to receive a nice note from the curator saying my submissions were good and would I like have an additional piece considered. I confess, that really felt good. That set off another scramble to photograph and submit another piece. Done.

Last week was another mad dash. This time it was a submission for the Laurel Art Guild annual open exhibition. I submitted my art quilt, "Seeds of Change". It's probably the most painterly piece that I've got at the moment and seemed the most appropriate for a show that's open to all media. This is my first "art show" submission (by which I mean--tongue in cheek--it's not fiber-focused). I'm not sure how much experience the group has with fiber artists. We shall see. I think getting into this show would be a good thing all around.

There's more.

I'm gearing up for a workshop I'm teaching on March 1: "Reinvent your old Clothing". It's a drop-in workshop at the community center, which means all ages and all skill levels. I've got plenty of experience teaching in both technical and academic environments. Teaching art is something new to me. It's certainly something I'm interested in doing. That doesn't mean that I'm not more than a little intimidated. We're going to be painting and fusing on shirts that folks dig out of the back of their closets. Cool idea, but can I pull it off? With help I think so. Stay tuned. Better still, grab and old dress shirt you never wear and come to the workshop (3/1, 1-3pm, Greenbelt Community Center).

And finally, yesterday I gave a presentation for the Sunday morning Adult Forum at my church as part of a series on the intersection of art and faith. I had a great time preparing for it and doing the presentation. It's a topic close to my heart and one of great interest. I'm thinking about reworking and expanding the presentation into something more about the experience of discernment and call from an artist's perspective--how to ask the questions and what might happen as a result. I have to give that one some more thought. Who's the audience? How would I market a presentation like this? Do I even have the credibility to say anything on this topic beyond my own experience? All questions for later.

Sorry no pictures today. Next time. I promise.