Collage #2

Collage #2 FULL.jpg

Catalog number: 2017-012

MEDIUM: Art quilt

DESCRIPTION: Collage #2 is part of the Collage Series, a set of quilted compositions that share a common methodological approach. They all began as cut paper collages created on paper with the intention that they would be photographed, enlarged and printed on cloth to create whole cloth quilts. For reasons I don't understand, cutting paper and arranging shapes this way taps into some part of my brain that produces different results than if I were working directly on cloth. In particular, I find that these collages often have a more narrative quality than my other work. 

SIZE: 34 w X 20.5 h (inches)

MATERIALS: Acrylic felt batting, Cotton broadcloth

MEDIA: Commercial large-format digital printing

TECHNIQUES: Stitching (hand embellishment), Stitching (machine quilting)


* 10/7/2017, Sold

* 10/1/2017, Completed