Cross Section

Catalog number: 2015-02

DESCRIPTION: Our lives are about so much more than what’s visible on the exterior surface. That’s just the uppermost layer of something far more complex. “Cross Section” is a contemplation of layers—the vertical layers in of the design, from top to bottom, as well as the layers of visual and physical depth in the cloth, created by layers of dye, paint, reverse applique, and quilting.

SIZE: 42 w X 83 h (inches)

MATERIALS: Acrylic felt batting, Cotton broadcloth, Cotton muslin

MEDIA: Fabric paint, Fiber reactive dye, Soy wax, Water soluble media

TECHNIQUES: Stitching (machine quilting), Stitching (machine piecing), Stitching (reverse applique), Discharge (chlorine), Immersion dyeing (low water)


7/31/2015, Completed