Catalog number: 2015-04

DESCRIPTION: Humans gather. We congregate in large and small groups—by choice or necessity. We also gather, collect, and accumulate things. I tend to prefer my groups on the small to very small side, and I confess that I am a collector. I collect tangible things like watches, fountain pens, and cameras, and of course fabric. And I also gather ideas. Some of them float around in my head, some get parked in sketchbooks or on scraps of paper, and others find their way onto cloth. The symbols in “Gathering” don’t have a name, but they are an image that’s recently shown up in my doodling and something I’m spending time with. The reverse appliqué in this piece is another idea that’s been building up in my head for the last few years and is finally showing up in more of my work.

SIZE: 42 w X 51 h (inches)

MATERIALS: Cotton muslin, Acrylic felt batting

MEDIA: Fiber reactive dye, Fabric paint

TECHNIQUES: Direct application of dye/paint, Stitching (machine embellishment), Stitching (machine quilting), Stitching (hand embellishment), Stitching (reverse applique), Resist (cassava paste)


9/13/2015, Completed