Interplay #1

Interplay #1 FULL.jpg

Catalog number: 2018-008

MEDIUM: Art quilt

DESCRIPTION: Much of my work explores the relationship between line and shape. This is a way of expressing the complex relationships that we all have with other people and with the political, social, and physical environment. Hue, value, saturation, proximity, size, and intersection of shapes and lines are all vehicles for expressing complex, multilayered feelings—some of which I don’t fully understand until after a piece is finished.

Interplay #1 is part of a series of lighthearted compositions that emphasize line, shape, and the spatial relationship between elements in the compositional space. Crowded elements, layering, and the contrast between rounded shapes and straight lines create an energetic surface.

SIZE: 26.5 w X 33 h (inches)

MATERIALS: Acrylic felt batting, Polyester faille

MEDIA: Commercial large-format digital printing

TECHNIQUES: Stitching (machine quilting)


* 7/20/2018, Completed

STATUS: In artist's collection

PRICE: $500 US