Luna #2: Dark Times

Catalog number: 2014-0002

DESCRIPTION: "Dark Times" is the second of two contemplative pieces created after my home studio was destroyed in a flash flood earlier this year (2014). Cleaning up and rebuilding took the place of studio work for a time. This piece plays with dark and light: the dark/light juxtaposition inherent in traditional log cabin blocks, gradation of overall value from top to bottom, and the light circular shape against a dark background. Cutting and collaging raw edged pieces back together is an attempt to represent the broken and mended nature of much of the world. Sometimes the mended structure is stronger than the original.

SIZE: 30 w X 51 h (inches)

MATERIALS: Acrylic felt batting, Cotton broadcloth

MEDIA: Fiber reactive dye

TECHNIQUES: Discharge (thiox), Stitching (machine piecing), Stitching (raw edge applique), Stitching (machine quilting), Immersion dyeing (full water), Screen printing


8/10/2014, Completed