About the series

This series is about many things. The more distance I get from the pieces, the more I understand and appreciate them. On one level, the work is about me engaging deeply with a specific motif--the circle. On another level, it's about the marks on the cloth, the way that they're made, and the quality of the lines. Circles represent cycles, closure, and wholeness. They're also a very basic human gesture. Give a young child a crayon and it's not long before they move from scratching lines back and forth to circular gestures. We're hardwired for this shape.

So, what about the "restructured" part? All of the compositions in the series were developed by cutting and tearing whole cloth paintings of circles and reassembling them to form new circles. In doing so, I'm seeking to add liveliness to the design and represent both the brokenness in our lives and the wholeness than can be achieved by reassembling those broken pieces.