Sedona #1

Catalog number: 2011-0002

DESCRIPTION: Part of the "Circular Forms" series. This piece was inspired by a time spend hiking in the hills around Sedona, Arizona. 

SIZE: 30 w X 72 h (inches)

MATERIALS: Cotton broadcloth

MEDIA: Fiber reactive dye

TECHNIQUES: Bound resist, Immersion dyeing (low water), Immersion dyeing (full water), Stitching (machine piecing), Discharge (chlorine), Direct application of dye/paint, Discharge (thiox)


9/1/2012, Completed

3/1/2012, Exhibition, "Lines and Numbers," White Space, Crane Arts' Old School, Fiber Philadelphia, (March 1 - April 5, 2012)

12/21/2011, Juried into "Beyond the Line," Art Cloth Network