I made the cover!

unbound catalog cover.jpeg

The year is getting off to a brisk start. I've been so busy in the studio that I've neglected to share some really exciting news (or at least there's nothing about it on the website yet, so I'm thinking that I haven't shared it).

In early December I learned that I had 2 pieces juried into the new Art Cloth Network show titled, "Unbound". The juror was Michael James from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I'm really delighted to have had my work in front of someone with his reputation, and even more delighted to be selected to be part of what I think is a strong show.

While the body of work has been selected, the first exhibit venue hasn't yet been secured. However, the exhibit catalog has been published on Blurb. It's beautiful--thanks to Barbara Schneider--and one of my pieces was used for the cover. I'm giggly-thrilled. Check out the image above. 

You can preview the entire catalog at: http://www.blurb.com/books/8453285-unbound-an-exhibition-by-the-art-cloth-network

You can see my two accepted pieces by clicking the links to my portfolio below. Both works are part of a series I started last year based on cut paper collages that have been enlarged, printed on fabric, and quilted. I love where this is going, and it will be my focus for the year, if/when I can take a break from dyeing cloth to replenish my depleted inventory of wearable items. Spring shows are right around the corner!

Collage 3

Collage 4