A major milestone: QUILT NATIONAL 2019!

Outward Movement #1 (2018)

Outward Movement #1 (2018)

I have some exciting news to share. This week I reached what feels like a major milestone. One of my art quilts, “Outward Movement #1,” was accepted into Quilt National 2019. Quilt National is a biennial quilt show that attracts entries from all across the world. It’s among the top tier of art quilt shows, and it’s been a stretch goal of mine for several years. This is my first acceptance after a number of attempts. To say that I’m thrilled and honored is an understatement. Over the moon is a little more accurate. When I read the acceptance email I had one of those gasping/laughing/crying moments. Let this be a lesson not to read email at stop lights. I told a few people right away, but have been keeping this to myself for a couple of days, just letting it roll around in my head and heart while I remember the great teachers, mentors, and colleagues who’ve helped me learn and grow. Thank you all.

You can see more images of the quilt and read more details in my portfolio.

This quilt was created using the hybrid manual/digital techniques that I’ve been writing and talking about for the last couple of years.

I made the cover!

unbound catalog cover.jpeg

The year is getting off to a brisk start. I've been so busy in the studio that I've neglected to share some really exciting news (or at least there's nothing about it on the website yet, so I'm thinking that I haven't shared it).

In early December I learned that I had 2 pieces juried into the new Art Cloth Network show titled, "Unbound". The juror was Michael James from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I'm really delighted to have had my work in front of someone with his reputation, and even more delighted to be selected to be part of what I think is a strong show.

While the body of work has been selected, the first exhibit venue hasn't yet been secured. However, the exhibit catalog has been published on Blurb. It's beautiful--thanks to Barbara Schneider--and one of my pieces was used for the cover. I'm giggly-thrilled. Check out the image above. 

You can preview the entire catalog at: http://www.blurb.com/books/8453285-unbound-an-exhibition-by-the-art-cloth-network

You can see my two accepted pieces by clicking the links to my portfolio below. Both works are part of a series I started last year based on cut paper collages that have been enlarged, printed on fabric, and quilted. I love where this is going, and it will be my focus for the year, if/when I can take a break from dyeing cloth to replenish my depleted inventory of wearable items. Spring shows are right around the corner!

Collage 3

Collage 4

Wonderful art cloth exhibit in Miami

Photo: Daniel Portnoy

Photo: Daniel Portnoy

This has been a confounding year so far. After a couple of surgeries (3 in 9 months), I feel like I've addressed some deferred maintenance issues, which is good. But, it seems that every time I've sort of gotten my feet back under me I've fallen over again--metaphorically speaking. As a consequence, the studio as been a disjointed, unproductive, unfulfilling confusing, mess--but things are turning around a looking up. I have 5 art quilts nearing completion, and I feel like I'll be strong enough in a few weeks to safely lift dye buckets.

Meanwhile, wonderful things have been happening for the Art Cloth Network. Our exhibit team has landed some outstanding venues this year, the most recent of which is the terminal gallery at Miami International Airport. The gallery is part of Miami-Dade County Division of Arts & Cultural Affairs, and they've been fantastic to work with. They even produced a stunning color brochure to accompany the show. The show is in a gallery that's inside the security perimeter, but if your travels happen to take you through MIA, check out the "Material View" exhibit.

That's my piece hanging at the entrance to the show--BIG SMILE. (Photo: Daniel Portnoy)

That's my piece hanging at the entrance to the show--BIG SMILE. (Photo: Daniel Portnoy)

Photo: Daniel Portnoy

Photo: Daniel Portnoy

Art Cloth Network's "Anything Goes" opens at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

"Focal Point" on display at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles through Jan 15, 2017

"Focal Point" on display at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles through Jan 15, 2017

Hey folks, if you find yourself in the Bay Area between now and Jan 15, 2017 consider a trip to the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles to see the Art Cloth Network show titled, "Anything Goes." 

This is our second exhibit at the museum, and we're delighted to have an opportunity to show our work in such a distinguished venue for fiber. I'm delighted to have my piece "Focal Point" included.


"Material View" on exhibit in Illinois

I've currently got a piece of art cloth hanging in an Art Cloth Network show at the Historic Dole Mansion in the Lakeside Art Park in Crystal Lake, Illinois (NW of Chicago). The show runs through Aug 25th. Stop by and have a look if your summer travels take you to Chicagoland.

Here's a photo of my work in the gallery. I confess that it's always a little bit of a thrill to see a piece hanging in a show. 

My piece is the one at far right, "Circular Recursion #1"  (credit: Barbara Schneider)

My piece is the one at far right, "Circular Recursion #1"  (credit: Barbara Schneider)

Here are images from the postcard for the First Friday opening reception. The face of the card features the work of Priscilla Smith. Special thanks to ACN member Barbara Schneider who got us this venue, installed the show, and gave the gallery talk at the opening.

Visit my booth at the Greenbelt Festival of Lights craft show Dec 5-6

Stop by my booth at the Greenbelt Festival of Lights craft fair next weekend, Dec 5 (10am - 5pm) & Dec 6 (10am - 4 pm) at the Greenbelt Community Center located at 15 Crescent Rd in Greenbelt, MD (map).  

It's exciting to be participating in this wonderful gathering of talented artists and craftspeople for my 5th year in a row. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with longtime supporters, meeting new folks, and showing my most recent wearable creations.  

Greenbelt Festival of Lights just 2 weeks away

FOL web graphic
FOL web graphic

Visit my booth at the Greenbelt Festival of Lights Art & Craft Fair Dec 6-7th where I'll be selling original art cloth scarves. This is always a wonderful event and a great opportunity to shop locally, support makers and small businesses, and save money by purchasing directly from the source. It's hard to believe that this will be my 4th year participating.

Festival was a big success

Although we loaded in while it was raining, closed an hour early on Sunday, and loaded out with sleet bouncing off our heads, last week's Festival of Lights was a big success. Many thanks to all of you who came out to shop and support the event. If you missed the event and are still looking for that special gift for yourself our someone else, please stop by my online store at shop.russlittlefiberartist.net.


Art+Craft Fair this weekend (Dec 7-8)

FOL fair schedule signYou absolutely must put this event at the top of your "to do" list for this weekend. See great work, meet the artists, and purchase original, meaningful gifts for yourself and others. This will be my 3rd year having a booth at this show, and it get's better every year!

Saturday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Sunday, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Click here for a map to the Greenbelt Community Center.


Can't make it to the show? Check out the online shopping opportunities at shop.russlittlefiberartist.net

"Counting" accepted into ACN "Illumination" show

I learned last week that my art cloth composition titled, "Counting" (shown below; additional images and info in my portfolio) was accepted into the new Art Cloth Network show, "Illumination." Bruce Hoffman juried the show. I'm thrilled to have had an opportunity for him to see my work, and delighted to have been selected. We're currently seeking a venue for the first exhibition of this new show, but I expect that an online gallery will be available soon as well. Illumination- Counting FULL

"Interpretations" traveling to San Jose

ACN_Interpretations_postcard The Art Cloth Network exhibit, "Interpretations," just finished a successful showing at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center in Evanston, IL and is now on it's way to the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles in San Jose, CA. I saw it in Evanston and was just blown away. I count myself fortunate to be a member of this group, and I've got some super-talented friends.

The show includes my piece titled, "van Gogh Bubbles #1," which was inspired by the colors and brush stroke quality of some of van Gogh's paintings of cyprus trees (http://russlittlefiberartist.net/portfolio/van-gogh-bubbles-1). If you find yourself in the San Jose area between Nov 6 and Jan 19 check it out.

Wonderful show

I feel a little awkward saying this. Some little voice in my head is telling me that it's just not proper to be too proud, but... Dan and I just spent a wonderful 24 hours in Philadelphia roaming through the galleries that are part of Fiber Philadelphia. We saw so much wonderful work. I'm very proud to say that "Lines and Numbers", the show by the Art Cloth Network was among the best. I'm just thrilled with the way our show looks and I'm grateful to those who worked hard to organize, hang, and promote it. I feel like I'm riding on the coat tails of some talented and generous folks. Other highlights included the biennial show at the Snyderman-Works Gallery and the show at the Highwire Gallery (including new work by Rayna Gillman). Both are outstanding. I came away inspired.


All set for the Greenbelt Art+Craft fair

Sherill and I are all setup for the Greenbelt Festival of Lights Art + Craft Fair. For a first attempt booth I'm very pleased. As it worked out it's pretty much exactly a 50/50 mix of her work and mine. The framed work on the wall is Sherill's cut paper--just fantastic stuff. She's also got books and other paper work. She also make small purses and other things out of some my hand dyed and printed cloth from my scrap pile. I'll have to post some more detailed pictures of them. I wasn't sure what to expect, but they are terrific and absolutely cool. For my part is just miles of scarves--miles. I've very happy with the result of my recent work and I'm hoping for a good show.

Now I just need a drink, a little snack, and someplace to park my rear for a little while before bed. It'll be an early start tomorrow.