A new year

In "The Artist's Way," Julia Cameron recommends (requires) that you write one page every day. It's intended to be a way to unblock the stifled creative voice. The daily discipline is even more important than what you write. According to Cameron it's OK to write something like, "I don't know what to write" over and over again.

I sort of feel that way.

I'm sinking into the winter blahs. Too much snow, wind, rain, clouds, and cold. I need sun, warmth, and the smell of green things coming back to life. And that's months away. Pooh.

Dan and I have been off work since Christmas Eve. We visited family in NJ, stopped in Wilmington on the way home for an overnight at the Hotel DuPont and dinner in the Green Room for his birthday. Since then it's been puttering around the house, catching up on chores, and a couple of movies. Yesterday I was moping around so much that he sent me to the studio. Good thing. It was just what I needed. Too much vacation.

I had a fantastic December in the studio from a retail perspective. I sold oodles of scarves and grossed enough to cover more than 6 months of rent! It was a great feeling. I got to work hard and make pretty things and lots of my work when out into the world--I hope to the surprise and delight of the recipients.

Today we're off to have dinner with my parents, with a quick shopping expedition along the way. Tomorrow it's open studio (Greenbelt Community Center, 1-4pm if you're in the area). Monday it's back to work. Returning to the "routine" won't be such a bad thing.