Venturing out for the sake of art

I haven't had too many excursions out into the real world since surgery. It's been mostly trips to see doctors. Yesterday was a milestone. I drove (white knuckle) to the studio with Dan to see the "My Island" exhibit that's up in the gallery. It's the annual exhibit by the resident artists. I've got 2 pieces in the show and I was delighted to see how well the show has been hung. It really looks great. If you happen to be close by or find yourself in Greenbelt between now and mid-September stop by.

So, here are my pieces. "Island Meditation" is a journal quilt. The text has a lot to do with fear and its sources, about letting go of fear, and about connecting with others rather than being isolated (i.e., islands). I was delighted to find it hanging on a column by itself, with nothing close by. It really shows the piece quite well.

Here's Dan standing in front of "Island of Misfit Stitches," which began with me fiddling with some torn fabric strips and turned into a wild crocheted "thing" stitched down to a piece of canvas onto which I painted and stitched and appliqued bits of cloth. I don't know that I'll be doing another one of these soon, but you never know. Idle hands...

Here's a detailed view of the piece shot in the gallery.