Best of Strip Piecing: Day 2

Up a 630 and at the Barn by 8 to tidy up and get organized. Critique started at 9 with me first! It went well and I'm pleased with the Monday composition (see yesterday's updated post). I learned some things from it and I learned as well from hearing Nancy's critique of the other student's excellent work. It's a strong group.

Today was all about building various sorts of gradations in solid colors. We'll use these in compositions later in the week. We were given the assignment to construct 16 "fabrics" according to specific descriptions by 9 AM tomorrow. When I left at 10 PM tonight I'd done the cutting for 11 and sewn 6. The Barn opens at 730 tomorrow morning. It seems impossible that I'll finish even what of started, let alone all of it. However, my mantra from tomorrow must be some combination of "shut up and sew" and "no whining".
Here are a few shots of color progressions laid out on my design wall. They're far from perfect, but it's all learning. What you see is all freehand cutting, which is a new thing from me. Very liberating once you get the hang of it. Off to bed with a prayer that sleep comes quickly; morning certainly will.