Best of Strip Piecing: Days 3 & 4

Tues 15.5 hours.

Today 14 hours.
This ain't no party.
All in pursuit of, of...learning; I guess that's the bottom line. I'm not feeling the strip piecing, but there are lessons to be learned from building the fabric (very intentional assemblages of cloth strips). Today we began working on our second and final composition using the fabric that we've created this week. The problems is I really dislike a lot of the fabric that I created under the constant pressure of time this week. Had I not finished the number of fabrics that I have I wouldn't have enough to work with. Unfortunately I don't feel like I really made the color and other design decisions that I would like to have made given a slower pace and time to think. That said, one of Nancy's things is don't procrastinate and don't over-think, so time and working under time constraints is a part of the process.
Sorry, no in progress shots of the composition tonight, but here's a shot of the wall of fabrics before I started chopping them up.