Color: Day 3

How did it get to be day 3? Another 12-hour day, but today it flew by--well at least the afternoon did. We spend the morning discussing progressions (hue, value, design, etc) and color interaction. From about 1 until 830 we did Albers-style color interaction studies and started working on proportional color inventory exercises from the color research chapter of the book. This is all helping me so much.

The photo below is part of a wall full of color interaction studies. They are designed to show how different surrounding color change the way we perceive the value and hue of a single enclosed color. It has tremendous design implications. Mine is the one in the middle. The colors don't really read true in the photo, but I offer it as proof that I'm working hard.

This one study is designed to show how all of the principles--shifting hue, shifting value, and shifting both by carefully selecting various surrounding colors.

The last thing I did before going home was to glue up this proportional color inventory taken from a photo of a mosaic. Each square at the bottom represents the proportion of the color that appears in the image. I think I'm close, but not perfect. We had to mix all of the colors ourselves and I'm pleased with how close I came (It really does look better in person). Tomorrow we'll build a design using these colors and proportions. I hope we're doing an inverse study as well.