Rain and paper collage

Those were the themes for the day; very much a continuation of yesterday.

Here's the approach of the rain as seen from the driveway leading to the barn. It cut my walk short but it was wonderful to see such an expanse of beautiful, rich, cloudy sky. At home there are so few places to see wide open sky.

And here's the growing wall of collage color exercises. I took this shot just as we were about to begin our first group crit. right before dinner.

When I arrived I was a little leery about painting for a whole week, but I must say that I'm really learning a great deal and I know that this will help me when I get home. In fact, I'm wishing that I could get back into my studio to put some of what I've learned into practice on cloth. That's a good sign. I can also see the collage have an impact on my future work. I've been wanting to do some mixed fiber/paper sewn pieces and this week plays right into that.

I'm also starting to think about taking a class with Nancy. It's an intimidating thought. Most people show up with about 200 yards of fabric. I'm not exaggerating! If I dyed it all myself it could take me a year and a small fortune to prepare. Then again I would have quite a collection of fabric. We're putting in 12-hour days. Most of her students are working 15's. That about a 70-hour week. Maybe next year...

So, one last thing. After two days with David I can say that the following photo is a relatively high key composition of mostly chromatic grays with one anomalous element; and that the green leaf acts as a bridge color between the blue overtone of gray gravel and the yellow flower. I knew all of that before. Now I have a better vocabulary for describing it. This week is time well spent.