Color Mixing: Day 3

Actually, as I write this it's about 630 AM on Day 4 (Saturday). I've slept all I can, such as it was. So, here I am in Fall River for this much-anticipated workshop and I'm sick, sick, sick. I think it's just a really bad cold, but I feel like complete poo. To put it in perspective, if I was at home and this was a week day, I would be calling in sick without a moment's hesitation. But, I'm not at home and I can't blow off 20% of a workshop--not this one, that's for sure. Besides, spending a day in bed at the lovely Hampton Inn Westport might just make me feel worse. Yesterday I popped DayQuil gel caps every 4 hours and soldiered on. I'm afraid today might be a little uglier.

OK, enough of my sob story. Yesterday was a 12-hour day with two short breaks for meals. I continue to be amazed with the system that Carol has put together and with her level of organization. When I finish assembling this sample book I'm going to have a terrific resource--one that I never would have taken the time to figure out and compile all on my own. Yesterday we had several hours of lecture and demo, cut up our dyed fabric into strips and organized them, then began assembling the first the pages of our sample books. We also did one low-water immersion dye bath with 1 yard of cotton. I've made the most beautiful mottled purple. Pics tonight I hope.

Here's a picture of some of the pressed and sorted cloth at 830 AM yesterday.

Here's a picture of the my first sample book page, which I think I finished around 830 PM last night.

By the time that I finish this book, I will have stuck down 3,087 little 1" squares. Between this first page and several other pages that contain portions of this series made from duplicate squares, I have so far stuck down 147 squares--that's about 4.8%.

What does all that mean? I means I've got a busy day ahead of me. The alarm just went off. Time for a shower, some more DayQuil, and a lot of coffee. Please take a moment to pray for me to be delivered quickly from the grip this virus, which has arrived at a most inopportune time.