Color Mixing: Day 4

This has to be a short post. It was a great workshop day, but I'm not feeling much better than I was this morning--still sick, maybe sicker. I did everything that I could think of to avoid giving this to anyone else. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's activities, but I'm also looking forward to getting home to my own bed.

I continue to be amazed by the color tools that Carol has developed. Today we had several hours of lecture, evaluated some things that we dyed yesterday, worked on our sample books, started a new dye bath, and dyed a value progression of an individual hue.

Here's a picture of my progression drying on the table. The light values are pretty amazing. The darkest values are toned using the complementary color. Carol's numerical system allows you to find the complement of any color. Pretty amazing.

Here's Carol holding up a sample of her hand-dyed cloth.