Getting ready for a weekend of open studio

So much sewing and so much ironing, but it's worth it because I'm doing good work and that feels good. There's still a lot of cleaning to do in the studio before tomorrow night, but here are a few pieces hanging up. I'm really happy with my recent batik pieces. The 3 pieces hanging on the right are all silk habotai. They're beautiful in person. I priced them at the top end of my range, but that's probably still underpriced. The work is easy compared to trying to figure out how to price the end result.

More scarves.
And finally, here's my new rack (for scarves or yardage--currently scarves) made from $25 worth of PVC pipe. All of the arms are moveable. Thanks to Brian Murphy for the design. That man can make anything if you give him 20 minutes in Home Depot.