The business of the holidays

...and the busyness of course. Every year I say to myself, "Let's keep it simple." In many ways our holiday traditions have gotten simpler over the last 20 years. I've stopped printing the Christmas cards and I'm no longer wrapping the packages in brown paper then painting them (that was charming but a bit insane). Likewise I've reduced the holiday baking to a reasonable level--for weight control if nothing else.

So what has moved in to occupy all of this free space in my schedule? Quiet Advent contemplation? No, it's business that is now making the holidays bright with frenzy. I love my studio work and I have to say I'm finally in a place where I like selling what I make. It does however take up a bit of time. Just when the holiday selling should have been over and done with I decided that this was the perfect time to launch an online sales page on my website. (heavy sarcasm) I've been meaning to do it for a while. When a friend from NY asked for pictures of things he might buy for his wife I thought, "Can I use this as the motivator to get this done." Well, it's done. I'm pleased with the results. It was a nice little design and writing assignment with some programming on the back end to make the experience look a bit more professional. Three transactions, 6 items sold, and one more lead in the first week. I couldn't be more pleased. Maybe that's not entirely true. I'd be more pleased if I'd done this well in advance of the holidays. So now I'm set for next year. Right?!

Check out the new sales page at