Greetings from Ohio

I'm in Ohio this week at the Nancy Crow Timber Frame Barn taking a class with David Hornung called "Color: A Workshop for Artists & Designers" It's based on his book by the same name, which he developed after teaching color theory for years at places like the Rhode Island School of Design. By his own description we're cramming a 16-week class into 5 days. Today was the first 12 hours of it.

I'm so glad I flew here this time instead of driving. I'm pooped as it is. Driving all day yesterday would not have made it any easier.

Today was a morning of lecture and the rest of the day painting 4x4" color swatches and critiquing them. Lots of swatches.

It sounds tedious, but between mixing, painting and sorting all of these chromatic grays and muted colors I finally understand the part of color that has confused me for the longest time, saturation. Hue and value--no problem. That's just what one might typically call color (red, blue, etc.) and light or dark. Saturation is about the concentration of hue. It's still hard to explain, which might be why I've had trouble understanding other people's written descriptions, but today as I was mixing paint it finally clicked.

Tomorrow we cut up the painted squares and collage them together into color studies. Wednesday, who knows. I'm just taking this one day at a time.

OK, off to bed, then up early to read two chapters over breakfast, and off to the barn.