I tried to simplify but it didn't work

You know that saying, "Nature abhors a vacuum."? We'll apparently it applies to holiday plans. Dan and I tried to simplify things this year. For instance, over the last several years we've done a very traditional holiday dinner sometime during the Christmas/Hanukkah season. By traditional I mean like Dickens traditional--standing rib roast, steamed pudding, etc. This year we just were not able to schedule it, and quite frankly I was just too worn out. That should have equated to a little down time. Instead we decided to invite a couple of people over for dinner before church on Christmas Eve. It turned into a full production dinner for 6, which was very nice, but took most of the day to make. I wouldn't trade it for anything--except maybe rest. Sometimes I think I've got two settings: On and Off. When it comes to food, it's either going to be a MEAL or a snack.

Today my parents came for a late lunch/early dinner. It was wonderful. Conveniently last nights dinner made a delicious encore for lunch. This was the first Christmas Day that Dan and I have spent in my own home in almost 20 years. When you don't have kids...well, I'm not even going to start on that.

Here are pics of some recent work. Some of which went in to gift packages right after a took the picture.

Four silk scarves from an especially good dyeing session. The colors are really amazing in person.

The picture below is a sample of some of the constructed scarves I've been making They've been very popular. This particular one combines commercial wool, and my discharged black rayon. It's basically a tube with a pieced front. The whole thing is assembled with a serger. The tube ends are squared up, sewn shut, then finished with grosgrain ribbon. I'm doing a similar type of  scarf with polar fleece flatlocked together.