It promises to be a high-fiber weekend

This weekend--actually starting today (Thursday)--I'm in New Jersey on the campus of Rutgers University for the fall meeting of the Art Cloth Network. This is my first meeting. The folks I've met so far all seem very friendly. It sounds like the schedule's already been rearranged a bit. Saturday was supposed to be a play day in Manhattan. I think that's moving it to tomorrow to avoid the bad weather forecast for Saturday. I can't even remember which hurricane is headed our way. I think it's the "H" one--maybe the "I".

So, anyway, I'm looking forward to a bit of exploration in the garment district. I brought an empty backpack, just in case! I hope that I have the presence of mind to remember the 4 meters of fabric that Dan & I bought in Paris many years ago then schlepped all over the city. It weighted a ton. Dan probably did most of the carrying--and he's not with me this time.