No apologies

No apologies for the lack of postings. I've been busy. (That's an excuse, not an apology).

I've been spending some good time in the studio, but trying not to be too frenzied about cranking out fabric. I've got a couple of pretty pieces and one that I can't figure out. It's either dead ugly or it's going to turn into something. I just don't know. Let's start with the good looking stuff.

This is nice.

Overprinting with a mask made it better, and I think that some embellishment and quilting might finish it.

This is from early this week. It's 2 yards long! I never print this size at home because it's hard to move around the table. At the studio I'm using the same print board, but there's so much room! It washed out very well and, with luck, will get another layer today.

So now for the problem child. It started out pretty good. It was done with a polychromatic screen released wet (i.e., not deconstructed).

Did it get better? Perhaps.

The red was a bit if an F#$% up if you ask me.After steaming and washing out the orange lost some of its strength. We're not going in the right direction.

Scissor are the answer, right? And how about some charcoal drawing? The color palette is wrong to my eye. It's weak. It looks like somebody had a terrible accident with a sorbet dessert tray.

Green circles, darkening from top to bottom Humm.

I just don't know. The working title that came out during the process of making this monster is "Seeds of Change". I think it has something to do with too many political speeches about "Change". I wanted Hillary. I got Obama. After the speech last night I feel better about that than I did before.

Well this cloth is like a mosquito bite right now: every time I scratch it, it seems to get worse. I think it needs to rest for a while.

Now I'm going to go stretch a couple of new silk screens then off to the studio. I made 6 new frames last night. One of the advantages of getting the print table out of the basement is that I now have no reservations about making a mess with the table saw. My woodworking shop has come back to life!