Lab notes

During my recent sweatshopesque adventure in cloth production I've made a commitment to keeping better lab notes. Well, perhaps it would be more accurate to say I've made a commitment to keeping them, period. Up until now I've just done my calculations and planning in a composition book so that I might be able to find this information in the future if I need it. Heavy emphasis on that word "might." Here's a sample of what I'm doing now. It's extra work, but I'm learning from it and I think in the long run I'll be able to see patterns/trends in the work that I'm doing and also have a better record of what works and doesn't work.

Of course this could just be a little fit of OCD.
I've got a nasty cold so I'm using today to catch up on my record keeping. I can only lay on the couch for so long before I get stir crazy. Say a prayer for poor coughing, sneezing, dripping me. I really need to feel better and get back to work. I've got two unfinished art cloth pieces at the studio that are due by a rapidly approaching deadline.