Still working

Three months ago I figured that I would finish all of my dying [UPDATE: That should read "dyeing". I'm perfectly healthy and I do hate that I can't spell.] by the end of August and spend September working on product for the holiday season and resting up for my trip to Ohio. After years of project management you would think that I would know to add 50% to that time estimate and not be surprised to find myself in September still looking at 24 yards of white cloth that isn't supposed to be white. I'm starting to feel like Pope Julius II in that scene from "The Agony and the Ecstasy" when he says to Michelangelo, "When will you make an end!" The only problem is that I'm playing both parts.

I think that I would be further along were it not for some changes at work that have crept into my personal life. I got a promotion (nice), but it means more responsibility, which means coming home at night without much energy for dyeing and spending part of the weekend catching up on what doesn't get done at work during the week. It will get better in a few month--I think. Bottom line, it's nice to have that "Director" title, but it doesn't come for free. to dye. I need to do at least 6 yards today--preferably more.