Moving in Circles opened today

Nicole DeWald and I hung my show today in the gallery at the Greenbelt Community Center. Check out the photos below, and stop by if you're in the area. It runs through October 11. I've been anticipating this show and working toward it for so long. Now that the day has finally arrived, it's taking a little while for the reality of it to sink in. At the risk of sounding like I've snatched the mic from the presenter at an awards show, this might be a good time to thank a few people. I'm tremendously grateful to Nicole for believing in my work, offering years of support and encouragement, and trusting that I could fill a gallery. My studiomates and fellow artists in residence in Greenbelt gave me wonderful feedback, encouragement, and validation during my tenure as an Artist in Residence--particularly Sherill. And finally, without the support of my mentors, friends and family--most especially Dan--I just wouldn't be here today. I take none of this for granted, and I'm deeply grateful.

Photos of the gallery appear below. Plus, watch the video overview of the "Restructured Circles" series at

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