Newsy update

I'm a bit behind with the blog, but it's just the same old excuse: too busy. Last week I was getting over my killer cold and then there was church Thursday - Sunday. Somewhere in there--I think it was Saturday afternoon--I managed to finish assembling my color sample book. And of course there's always work and EfM to keep me occupied. This week's reading was about process theology, which is fascinating stuff, but not something that I can really explain (and probably not something that your really want to hear about).

I'm a little confounded that I haven't been able to find any studio time, but at least I've got some good ideas rattling around in my head. There's one piece that I started a couple of weeks ago that is currently too ugly to show. I'm hoping to begin working back into this weekend using Carol's color formulas to try to get it closer to where I wanted it to be in the first place. I'll have to see how things go. I'm already booked to spend Saturday morning with some folks from the church search committee analyzing survey results.

I got two wonderful packages in the mail today. The first was slides of my "Teach Us to Pray" quilt that I need for a juried show submission. I used a website called You upload your images and a couple of days later they send you mounted slides for a very reasonable price. I got 2 copies of 2 images shipped for about $10. Something worth considering if you find yourself needing slides made from your digital images.

The second package was a complete surprise from Candy, a woman who was in the color workshop with me. She works in a lab and sent me some great surplus equipment for measuring dye concentrate. The studio is really starting to look a little like a high school chem lab. Thanks Candy!!