Work in progress from last weekend

I got some work done last weekend. This one's three overprinted layers of monoprinting. I'm not sure that the picture does it justice. I think it's more interesting in person. It's certainly not done, but seems to have the potential to turn into something.

The photos below show a piece that I started a couple of weeks ago and cast aside because it was too ugly to deal with. I decided that this would be a good test subject for Carol Soderland's overprinting formula. In a nutshell, if you can find a reasonable approximation of the color that you are overdying, then you can easily determine which colors you can produce by overdying AND the correct dye formula to produce the selected target color.

And here it is on the print table with freezer paper resist in place. Once I got the big white spirals in place I actually liked it a little better.

And here's the next stage after overdying and adding some linear detail with dye in a syringe. I think I came pretty close to what I wanted. Since I took this picture I've started stitching around the spirals. We'll just have to see what this turns into.