On Point added to the "What Remains" show

We had a wonderful artists reception this past Sunday for "What Remains." The turnout was good and everyone seemed very interested in the work. It was also nice to get to talk to some of my fellow artists in residence for a little while. Even though we all have studios in the same general space, our schedules are different and, to be honest, when we're there we're working. Many of us hardly see each other. Because Sunday was originally supposed to be the end of the run for the show (before it got extended), a couple people had work that was already promised to buyers or other shows. That left us with a couple of holes. Lucky me. I was able to add my quilt "On Point" to the show. It's never been shown before and I'm very happy for it to get a wider public viewing.

I think it's particularly appropriate for this show because, in addition to my own hand dyed cloth, it includes "remains" of commercial cloth that I used to make things that I wore around the house while recovering from surgery a couple years ago.

On Point FULL