Circular Recursion #2

Catalog number: 2014-04

DESCRIPTION: The “Circular Recursion” series continues my exploration of the circle as a motif. The images in this series were created using a computer program (a Python script) that I wrote over several months of experimentation. My goal was to build a complex, layered image with rich texture and a strong internal geometry without feeling overly rigid. Each piece begins with a photograph, which is heavily processed using the script to create the final result. The program logic includes elements of randomness, making it virtually impossible to produce the same result twice from the same photograph. Obfuscation is a secondary theme of this series. The original photo exists within the final image, but is completely obscured by the process.

SIZE: 36 w X 72 h (inches)

MATERIALS: Cotton sateen

MEDIA: Commercial large-format digital printing

TECHNIQUES: Original image developed by manipulating a photograph using a Python script written by the artist


9/13/2014, Completed