Illumination: Counting


Catalog number: 2013-0010

DESCRIPTION: This piece is about counting, which is something that I find myself doing when I'm under extreme stress and I'm trying to remain calm. I also sometimes do it when I'm walking by myself. I count in English, but I'm just as likely to count in French or Italian. I used to think that it was strange. Well, I still think it's strange, but now I know that I'm not unique. Revealing your strange habits (literally illuminating them) can be liberating.

SIZE: 36 w X 72 h (inches)

MATERIALS: Cotton broadcloth

MEDIA: Fiber reactive dye

TECHNIQUES: Discharge (thiox), Bound resist, Resist (flour paste)


5/22/2015, Exhibition, "Illumination: The Art Cloth Network", Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, FL, May 22 - Aug 16, 2015

11/14/2013, Juried into "Illumination", Art Cloth Network 2013

9/29/2013, Completed